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Cambridge Reading Adventures ( CRA )

The Cambridge Reading Adventures (CRA) series are the latest publication targeted for international audience. The books are divided into different bands for children to read at various levels, to provide an appropriate amount of challenge that will be achievable by them. These readers cover a great number of themes for children to read extensively, and the international context of the stories offer children a worldview of current events and experiences. The selections of fiction and non-fiction books are suited to the thematic-based approach adapted by many school curriculums. Furthermore, CRA also comes with worksheets for each book and teachers no longer have to go through the hassle of creating them from scratch. Also in the Cambridge Reading Adventures series is the Early and Transitional Teacher’s Guides that provide full guidance and resources for managing and assessing every child’s reading.


Some notable traits of CRA are:

-       Comes with different coloured bands for easy categorization

-       Wide selection of themes covered using both fiction and non-fiction books

-       Pictures are drawn by many different illustrators to instil creativity in students

-       International context with Asian relevance to better relate to students

-       Each book comes with Cambridge worksheets

-       Teachers Guide and Assessment system for classroom purpose