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Chinese Books (Singapore edition)

Our Chinese books, which are all compatible with Penpal Whizz, come under 3 different categories:

-       Hanyu Pinyin

Published and printed in Singapore, Magical Pinyin (魔法拼音) books are brightly printed and have many adorable characters inside. The books consist of 2 levels of difficulties and cover many aspects of Chinese pronunciations

-       Vocabulary

Published and printed in Singapore, 600 Words Vocabulary (学前600 字) is one of the best Chinese vocabulary books in the market. Each word has its own pronunciation, comes in a picture, an English translation, a sentence and several combinations of words.

-       Readers

Published by Pan Asia Publishing in Singapore, Little Sweetie Series (小可爱系列) consist of 3 levels, and each level is made up of 6-8 books. Each page has pictures that are relatively big and only a few Chinese characters so that children can easily grasp the meaning of the stories. Every book also comes with pronunciation (拼音) of all the words in the preceding pages.


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